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From our ranch to your table


This is how our farm and ranch all started: with just a dozen quail in our backyard in the middle of the city, inspired by my childhood, our family who hunts quail, and the special meals we made with them.

We raise a variety of quail Spring through Fall. We hatch our quail on site, and they live outdoors their entire adulthood where they can nest, burrow in hay and grasses, and bath in dirt and sunshine.  They're given access to organic feed, but they love to forage for seeds and bugs and other goodies from nature they find outside.  

Quail are a naturally sustainable meat: they require little space, are incredibly efficient at turning food into muscle, and reach adulthood at 7 weeks of age with no human intervention (unlike chickens at industrial farms who are given growth hormones to get bigger faster).  Despite their size they are incredibly hardy and less prone to diseases.  We're proud to raise all-natural quail, free of any medication, antibiotics or hormones, the old-fashioned way.


Join our waitlist for naturally-raised, table-ready quail

We have quail meatbirds available Summer through Fall.  They're a seasonal specialty on the ranch!  If you'd like to reserve some for your table, let us know below.  Our quail are sold in packages of 4, skinless whole birds, ready for the grill or fryer.


If you're interested in fresh table-ready quail, fill out the information below. Then we'll be in touch!

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