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Pastured Chickens

     Cage-free, organic, free-range, pastured: with all the different terms today, which one is best?  Pastured eggs are as good as it gets. Healthy eggs laid by healthy hens who have the opportunity to govern their own diets naturally, by roaming freely around the field to look for bugs, seeds, or grass based on what their bodies need most.  It's said that a "pasture-raised" egg contains twice as much omega-3 fat, a lot more vitamins and tremendously more beta-carotene than commercial eggs. Each chicken has access to large fields every day plus organic feed, and they get healthy snacks like veggies, pepper seeds, fresh herbs, and worms. We often find the chickens sunbathing near the hay shed or resting in the lilac bushes.  And thanks to our Livestock Guardian Dogs who watch over the fields and chickens, they can roam as far and freely as they'd like while staying safe and healthy. 

Our chickens are all heritage breeds, laying a beautiful variety of colored eggs: shades of brown, pink, and blue.  You'll find Barred Plymouth Rocks, Speckled Sussex, Buff Orpingtons, Easter Eggers, Serenity Cross, and Rhode Island Reds at Wild Mountain Ranch.

We don't really believe in today's marketing labels, but this is our guarantee and commitment: all our animals are raised responsibly with love and on pasture all the time.  Yes, even when there's snow!  We raise them wild and free, the traditional old-fashioned way.

Head to our shop to buy fresh pastured eggs, straight from the ranch!

  • Pasture raised, snow or shine

  • Cage free

  • Eggs laid and collected daily

  • Farm fresh taste

  • From healthy, happy hens

  • Humanely raised

  • Come see for yourself!

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