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Quail eggs

We raise Coturnix Quail on the ranch and are blessed with their beautiful, nutritious eggs during the warm parts of the year.  Their eggs are seasonal and laid during their natural breeding season. So they're only around for a limited time each year!


Quail eggs are one of nature's wonders: naturally higher in protein, lower in bad cholesterol, higher in good cholesterol, and higher in vitamins and minerals.  Despite their small size, they pack a small superfood punch!  They're thought to have other magical benefits such as metabolism and immunity boosts and anti-aging properties. 

Our family likes to bake with them, eat them scrambled, and pickle them for snacks and salads.  The kids especially like them hard-boiled for bite size snacks.


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Our chickens are all heritage breeds, laying a beautiful variety of colored eggs: shades of brown, pink, and blue.  You'll find Barred Plymouth Rocks, Speckled Sussex, Buff Orpingtons, Easter Eggers, Serenity Cross, and Rhode Island Reds free ranging the pastures at Wild Mountain Ranch.

We don't really believe in today's marketing labels, but this is our guarantee: all of our chickens are raised responsibly with love and on pasture all the time.  Yes, even when there's snow!  We raise them wild and free, the traditional old-fashioned way.

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