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Highland Cattle

We raise Scottish Highland cows for breeding, meat, show animals, and pets.  We're focused on the whole animal from head to toe.  The ranch is at high elevation, so we have hardy cows that do well during harsh winters and make the most of mountain meadow forage. We cross Angus and Highland cows to get the best of both worlds for our meat program.  Our cattle graze mountain meadows in the Spring and Summer, then graze rugged mountain terrain in the Fall.  We feed the highest quality grass hay and alfalfa during the Winter.  Every cow in our meat program is grass fed and grass finished, and has never received hormones or antibiotics.  As our cows graze around the ranch, they make the grass and soil better and better each day.  Come visit us and see our beauties in actions.

Buy our Pasture Raised beef online or at the Summer Farmers Market

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