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THe Farmstore Sign-Up

     Welcome to the farm store sign-up!  We are currently sold out of all natural quail meat and grass fed lamb.  But don't worry, we're busy increasing our supply to meet all the demand!  So if you're interested in a weekly farm pick-up for quail, lamb, or other farm goods, sign up below to get on our wait list. We're taking subscribers on a first-come, first-serve basis.  Quail eggs will be available this coming Spring 2022 and fresh lamb will be available this coming Winter.


To be the first in line when they're available, sign up below.  See you on the ranch!

Join our waitlist for Quail & Lamb

To sign up for products from our farm, please fill out the information below.

Fresh Eggs

Our chickens roam freely on our pastures, making a naturally more healthy egg.  Read more to learn more about what makes them different. And sign up below for our weekly farm pick-up.


Fresh Quail

Organic farm fresh quail that's tender and better than chicken is hard to come by.  But you can get it at Wild Mountain. We raise wild quail ethically, and they're really good for you! Click to learn more.


Grass-fed Lamb

We raise natural, pastured, grass-fed lamb. No chemicals or non-natural diet. Ever. Our Navajo-Churro are known for the sweetest meat, prized by chefs. Coming soon Winter of 2021!


Wool & Pelts

Navajo-Churro's wool is iconic and you just may not know it. Their beautiful pelts are unique colors with long texture, and their wool has made traditional Navajo weavings for many generations.  

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