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Welcome to Wild Mountain

Regenerative ranch e heritage breeds

roaming wild and free in

the colorado rockies

Buy our beeF

We proudly produce grass fed and finished beef. Buy a box or single cut of our premium, 21-day dry aged beef today.  Pick up your order on the ranch. We look forward to seeing you!

Welcome to Wild Mountain Ranch!  We are the Payne family, and we believe in food that's good for people, good for the land, and good for the animals.   We are first generation farmers working hard and raising our children in the rugged Rockies. Our ranch is unique, nestled 8,200 feet above sea level in a small valley of the Rocky Mountains.  We practice regenerative agriculture and raise heritage breed chickens, quail, lamb, and cattle, and we have a small produce operation in the works. 

We are a sustainable and regenerative ranch, which means we're leaving our land in better condition than we started. We choose to raise our animals and grow our food as traditionally as possible.  All of our animals roam freely and forage, making the best grass-fed meat and pastured eggs. 

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Our animals give back to the soil and in return our pastures grow naturally with their fertilizer.  We are happy to boast a chemical-free and pesticide-free ranch land.  Well-being through quality, intentionally raised food is close to our hearts. So thanks for visiting, and if you're in the Denver area sign up for Wild Mountain Meats and eggs,  from our family to yours. 

Grown wild and free, the old-fashioned way


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If you're interested in pastured chicken eggs or fresh quail eggs, let us know!  And follow us on Facebook or Instagram for new and upcoming products.

To join the waitlist for grass-fed lamb, wool, or sheep pelts, click below to let us know you're interested!


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We're a new farm in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains and always growing and changing. Stay up with the latest by following us on Instagram, and watch us grow!

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